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Warrior Women offer a number of School & Educational Programming options. Ranging from hour-long group activities, to multi day programs with various crafts and fun learning opportunities.

  • Dark Sky Workshops
  • Big Drum Experience
  • Medicine Wheel Meditation
  • Blanket Exercise
  • Spirit Animal Workshop


Over the years we have formed countless options for crafts with little ones. Each is paired with a teaching, and all are a good time. Below are some more popular options, with our entire list available to download.

Loom Beading
Using recyclable materials such as egg cartons, we make looms and teach the traditional style of beading. Participants get to take their beaded bracelets home! This workshop Is great for Grade 3’s and up to adults!
Dream Catcher
Have you ever wondered about the story behind the dream catcher and its teachings? Through this workshop we create our own dream catchers, learning about weaving techniques, decorating and the story of the dream catcher.
Recommended for grades 4 and up!
Turtle Island Craft
Before humans existed, the world was all water. Through this fun workshop, we teach the Cree creation story, talking about how Turtle Island (North America) came to be! Participants get to make their own turtle island to take home to remember the story!
Eagle Feather Craft and Teachings 
This workshop goes through the eagle feather teachings and smudging. Learn about the four sacred medicines and the smudging ceremony, while making your very own smudge feather to take home! 
Recommended for grades 3 and up!
Quill boxes and cards
Have you ever heard about porcupine quilling? This workshop guides participants through the craft of porcupine, using toothpicks and dyes! Participants get to take home their own quill box or card!
Dark Sky Medallions
During the dark sky workshop, we make medallions based off of Cree constellation stories! Learn about the stories of the constellations from the Cree people and make your own medallion to remember the stories!
Big Drum Experience
We bring in our big powwow drum and have a powwow with all individuals no matter what your age! Most big drums are closed, however ours is blessed and open for education purposes- meaning anyone can drum on it! We teach rhythm, drum teachings and about Indigenous music through this fun interactive workshop! Anyone can be a drummer!
Medicine Wheel Meditation
This workshop provides the medicine wheel teachings and teaches youth about mindfulness. We guide youth through the medicine wheel and its teachings, while doing a youth-friendly meditation to help them connect to spiritual health!

It was such a pleasure to work with you and Matricia and I know the media were

really taken with both your presence and presentation.

Rose Bolton
Travel Alberta Team Member
Global Media Specialist, North America
Working on our constellation story mural with a class from the Jasper Elementary School.

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