Corporate Experiences

Warrior Women have found a unique way to share learnings, tell stories, and bring people together through Indigenous Cultural Workshops for organizations of all sizes.

  • Indigenous Awareness Training
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Performances

Workshops / Presentations / Cultural Training

Matricia offers a range of options to meet your objectives and meet your organization where it’s at. Below are our most requested sessions, but we’re also able to consult on some custom workshops based on your needs.

Indigenous Awareness Training
Bring indigenous teachings into your organization covering topics such as: Reconciliation, Indigenizing the Workspace, and Decolonizing the Workspace.
Drumming & Singing
Cultural performance from the award-winning group, Warrior Women
Dark Sky Workshops
This interactive workshop dives into Cree constellation stories and legends from an Indigenous perspective on the night sky! The program is mixed beautifully with drumming and singing to parallel dark sky legends.
Fireside Chats or Plant Walks
Take part in one of our internationally renowned cultural experiences
Spirit Animal Workshop
Have you ever thought you were connected to a certain animal and wanted to know more about it? Through this workshop, we guide individuals through spirit animal teachings and help individuals identify with an animal! We paint our animals on spirit rocks and learn about how spirit animals can help guide our lives and our spiritual health
Custom Sessions
Curate your own experience in consultation with Matricia

Thank you so much for participating at the ICC citizenship ceremony at the Fairmont in Jasper, we were so honoured to have you there and I hope you had a good time as well! Thank you again for coming, I hope we can work together again soon,

Hiba Omar
Operations Assistant, Building Citizenship

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Adding a culturally appropriate element to your conference, event, or organizational team building can be difficult and many organizations do not even know where to begin. Fill out he form below and we can help make it easy to work — learn — together.

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